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Polishing Services

Polishing uses chemical or mechanical finishes and can be used to enhance the look of aluminium parts on vehicles, TV and Hi-Fi stands, cookers, door furniture, handles and many more. Mechanical finishes are achieved by the use of various methods, for example buffing, brushing and bead blasting. Polishing can help improve the corrosion and wear resistance and hardness of the part, as well as removing burrs and other surface flaws.

Polishing for:


Achieving a bright reflective finish on decorative parts requires the use of specialist metal polishing. This requires the use of abrasives on the surface to remove oxidation, prevent contamination and to create a reflective surface to enhance appearance.

Use of specialist equipment

Polishing takes place on various types of machinery using the correct abrasive on a polishing wheel/belt, ensuring the right polishing head is used. The part may need a heavy polish or a light buffing, depending on your choice of finish and the shape of the part.

Protecting the finish

Treating the parts with a nitric acid based chemical prevents further oxidation. This is the brightening process before the anodising, which preserves and protects the bright finish. We go through this process for the supply of high-end parts for a major TV and Hi-Fi company.

Polishing services


If you need your part to be bright or matt, we can arrange it to be polished for you before a brightening process in the anodising.

Polished and Anodised

We can also offer a service whereby your part can be polished and then black anodised, although this may depend on the alloy of the aluminium that is being used.

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