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Design Consultation Services

We know that decisions made in the design stage can sometimes hinder the aluminium extrusion process. That's why we are happy to help you with the design stage. Our experienced cad designer knows exactly what’s needed to make your extrusions work for your requirements. Good design sets precedent for strong, reliable and cost effective aluminium extrusion.

Design consultation for:

Bespoke designs

We have the in-house design capability to bring your concept to life and help create the drawings needed for a quote. Whatever stage you are at, whether it is before pen has been put to paper or you’re thinking about the finishing touches, we can help.

Following extrusion rules

There are some general rules with aluminium extrusion (what you can and can’t extrude) and you may find you draw a design that some extruders can’t do. Our experienced cad designer can help create the drawings needed for an extruder to quote.

Technical information

Ensuring your drawings have the right technical information to help your extrusion partner provide the best advice is of the utmost importance. We can assist with these essential details, allowing you to get the best from your extrusion partner.

Design consultation services

Turning your ideas into reality

If you have an idea in your head or on a piece of paper we can help get it drawn up in a cad file so that we can find the right extruder for the job.

Even the most complex of ideas

If you need 2 parts of aluminium extrusion to clip together or slide together we can help with the design to make it a successful project. Or if it needs to mate with a plastic extrusion we can help with that too.

Making your parts could not be simpler

Submit your designs to receive quote

If you have designs and would like to receive an extrusion quote you can submit your designs to us and we can provide you with a quote within a few hours.

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If you would like to speak online with a technical advisor about aluminium extrusion. You can do so here.

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