February 17, 2020

You’re in a dilemma; you need a batch of extruded parts, and you don’t know where to turn.

You don’t have nearly enough experience with extrusions, so you need a specialist, one that can lend you a helping hand.

Where can you go to find this helping hand?

Well, a good place to start would be to find the right extrusion partner. A partner that qualifies to do the job, offers great service and pays attention to detail.


But, of course, finding the ‘right’ partner is vague advice. What is it that makes an extrusion partner ‘right’ for you?

Below, we have attempted to answer that question. We’ve broken down the five questions you should ask to find the right extrusion partner for you.


1. Do they have enough experience within the extrusion industry?


Before you forge a partnership with an extrusion supplier, the first question you need to ask is this: ‘Do they already have experience in supplying bespoke extrusions?


Experience can make or break the quality of the extrusion you receive.


Here at Orgbar, we supply aluminium extrusion solutions to a large client base, ranging from exhibition builders to lighting manufacturers. Thanks to our broad experience, we have the flexibility to carry out extrusion solutions for a wide variety of applications.


Some examples of the industries we work in are transport, shopfitting, printing, air conditioning, electrical engineering and agricultural buildings.


2. Do they have the in-house design capability to bring your concept to life?


When choosing an extrusion supplier to partner up with, take care to choose one with a proficient and experienced team of designers and manufacturers.


Design will always play a key role in any Orgbar extrusion process; that is why we have equipped our team with a capable host of CAD designers.


Our expert design team know what you need to make your extrusions work for your requirements. Furthermore, we can supply extrusion in any length, and apply a huge range of machining processes, from simple holes and slots to layering, pockets, profiling, and face milling.


3. Are they going to do all they can to make your project successful?


This is the ultimate question; the question that should be at the forefront of your mind. Above all, you want to work with an extrusion supplier determined to provide you with the best results.


Here at Orgbar, our team invest deeply in every project we undertake. We do not only aim to meet our customer’s expectations for a project, but we instead aim to go above and beyond.



4. Can they offer a wide range of suitable finishes?


Great. You have the extrusion you want. What comes next?


Next, you may want to apply a suitable surface finish to that extruded part.


There are many reasons why you may want to apply a surface finish on your part; you may just want to improve the appearance of your part, for example. Or perhaps you may want to alter your surface to improve your part’s hardness and its resistance to corrosion and wear.


Here at Orgbar, we offer many different surface treatments, to help you achieve the exact surface finish you want. Some examples of the surface treatments we supply include anodising; powder-coating, and polishing.


Give this article a read if you want to learn more about Orgbar’s surface treatment solutions.


5. Can they deliver what you need when you need it?


Ideally, you should forge a partnership with an extrusion supplier capable of delivering your extrusion parts promptly, within the deadline they promised.


The timespan of projects will always vary. The specifications, as well as the production pipeline, determine the lead time of our projects. Nevertheless, here at Orgbar, we endeavour to deliver our extrusion parts as time-efficiently as we can.


We are experts in providing bespoke aluminium solutions. Want to discuss your requirements for an extrusion? Feel free to get in touch today