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Aluminium Welding Services

Aluminium welding is trickier than steel welding but it is something that Orgbar can offer. We supply aluminium extrusion that is mitre cut and then welded to provide our customers with corner sections. We can also weld tags on to the end of caps that then fit on the end of the extrusion. If you have any aluminium welding enquiries, please get in touch.

Welding For…

Lighting Industry

Aluminium welding is also used in the lighting industry. Welded frames can make corners robust enough not to twist when there are eventually fitted in the ceiling.

Commercial Refrigeration

Large section extrusion needs to be welded properly to make a good strong corner when creating refrigerated cabinets. These can be just one corner or possibly two to create what we call a mantlepiece section.


There is a lot of aluminium welding in the transport sector. For trains and buses aluminium is used to create windows and luggage racks that are light weight and robust.​

Welding services

Welded end caps

If you require end caps for your bespoke extrusion, we can arrange this (whether profiled or laser cut) and then we will weld tags to fit each end so they slot in to your section.

Mitre cutting

If you require your section to be mitre cut and welding steel to form corners, mantle pieces or a frame we can do this for you.

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