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Custom Aluminium Cutting Services

Orgbar Aluminium has a range of specialist blades and saws that enables us to cut extruded aluminium cleanly to the required length, whether they need to be straight (from 10mm to 4 metres) or mitre cut (between 25 - 90 degrees). The parts are always cut with a cutting tolerance as agreed with you. In an effort to avoid any waste, the length it will be delivered in to us will depend on the size of the finished part required.

Aluminium cutting for:

High precision aluminium cutting

Using specialist blades suitable for extruded aluminium ensures parts are cleanly cut to suit your needs and meet your bespoke designs. The part can then be fabricated or delivered to the customer just cut to length.

Highly versatile aluminium

Mitre cutting large aluminium canopy sections with our double headed saws provides parts used in the commercial refrigeration industry. These parts are also particularly useful in door, window and picture frame products.

Premium cutting tools

One of our saws is used to cut fine radiator tube that is easily crushed if the correct blade is not used. This saw is also used to feed our CNC machines for parts that need milling, drilling, profiling or for section cut-outs.

Aluminium cutting services

Delivered to suit your needs

At Orgbar Aluminium we can stock your aluminium section and cut it to length before delivering against an agreed schedule.

We can cut it the way you want it, for your bespoke, specialised aluminium application.

We can mitre cut your aluminium section if required and supply cleats for the corners to be joined or we can offer to weld this for you.

Making your parts could not be simpler

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