September 16, 2019

By mass, aluminium makes up roughly 8% of the crust of our planet and is considered to be one of the most abundant metals on Earth. It has become so widely used as a result of its extensive list of benefits, making it the ideal material for so many applications, from aerospace to drinks cans.

Some of the major benefits of aluminium include:


Aluminium can be easily recycled, due to its relatively low melting point and high structural integrity, it can also be recycled time and time again. In fact, it’s estimated that since the production of aluminium began, three-quarters of the original material produced is still in circulation. Recycled aluminium can return to circulation in its renewed form within 60 days.


Aluminium’s low density makes it a very lightweight metal. This has been the driving force behind its popularity within the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as construction and lighting as it allows for building tolerances to be reduced and more intricate structures to be created.


In addition to being lightweight, aluminium is also a very durable metal. This increases its usefulness in industries such as aerospace, automotive production and construction, adding structural integrity while keeping weight to a minimum.

Corrosion Resistant

When exposed to the open air, aluminium undergoes a process known as passivation. By means of this process, the material becomes incredibly corrosion-resistant, as it reacts with the air to form its own protective barrier. This leads to aluminium having numerous applications in chemical industries and applications.

Excellent Conductor

Due to aluminium’s relatively low density, it makes an excellent conductor for both heat and electricity. While aluminium only has 61% of the conductivity of copper, it only carries 30% of the weight, making it ideal for applications involving large quantities of otherwise heavy wiring.

Odourless and Tasteless

Aluminium has become the material of choice for drinks and food cans. This is due to its lack of odour or taste, meaning that it has little to no effect upon the food or drink stored within it.

Aluminium is now so widely used because of these numerous properties and its relatively economical availability; its recyclability, in particular, is becoming an increasing factor as concerns about our changing climate drive material choices.

It is also for these reasons that extruded aluminium, in particular, is so popular, presenting a strong and lightweight alternative to more traditional materials such as steel.

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