Aluminium parts for Lighting

Custom aluminium extrusion and aluminium services for lighting
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Aluminium parts for lighting

The lighting industry uses a lot of aluminium extrusion. We provide varying sizes of aluminium extrusion to form the body for LED light strips, cut to length. The process then consists of milling out a large pocket, followed by tapping the ends of the extrusion to enable the end caps to be screwed in securely.

Lighting Control Systems

A lighting control system supplied to commercial and high end residential sectors including large commercial buildings, hotels and schools. This is a large aluminium section that is the centre hub for where all the lighting/socket cables meet.

Exterior Architectural Lighting

Commercial Vehicle Lighting

Aluminium services for lighting

Delivered straight to your door

We can supply your bespoke extrusion straight to your door for fabricating yourselves.

Cut to length for efficiency

We can supply a part fabricated and already anodised ready for you to use, ensuring you have no waste in ordering your aluminium extrusion in the right lengths.

Making your parts could not be simpler

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If you have designs and would like to receive an extrusion quote you can submit your designs to us and we can provide you with a quote within a few hours.

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