Aluminium parts for inkjet printers

Custom aluminium extrusion and aluminium services for inkjet printers
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Aluminium parts for inkjet printers

The coders are specifically designed for industrial use in sectors such as food, beverage, automotive, construction, medical devices, pharmaceutical, electronics and chemical. We cut the extrusion to length, machine several holes in the top, finishing it off with clear anodising. We also provide various parts that we machine from solid aluminium and are anodised black or neutral, including mount rails, cover plates and cartridge clamps.

Aluminium Extrusion Top Case

Printer Head Holder (machined from solid)

Printer Head Guide (machined from Solid or bespoke Extrusion)

Aluminium services for inkjet printers

Solid aluminium parts

We can machine parts from solid aluminium as well as supplying an extruded section if required.

Bead blasted or anodised

Orgbar Aluminium can supply parts bead blasted and anodised, after fabrication if that is something that is required.

Making your parts could not be simpler

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