October 7, 2019

No doubt, the LED extrusions are a valuable asset to the lighting industry.

Aluminium extrusions, in particular, have a wide variety of material applications in an equally varied list of industries

A major representative of this is the lighting industry, which consumes exceptionally large volumes of extruded aluminium.

What are the benefits of lighting extrusions?

Due to its range of desirable attributes, extruded aluminium provides the ideal material for the lighting industry.

Used frequently in the case of LED lighting strips, aluminium extrusions are able to provide protection for lighting fixtures, by housing them in a material that is sturdy and stress-resistant.

In addition, extruded aluminium can, to some degree, resist moisture and protect electrical fixtures from potentially dangerous water damage.

Without a housing, LED lighting and indeed lighting in general, may not represent the most visually appealing option. However, the clean and fresh appearance of extruded aluminium can allow for a more attractive option.

Where can aluminium extrusions be used in lighting?

As mentioned, one of the primary applications of extruded aluminium in lighting is in conjunction with LED lighting strips. This environmentally conscious and forward-thinking means of space lighting can be situated almost anywhere, with its range enhanced further by the use of extruded aluminium.

Strip lighting can be sunk into surfaces, walls, floors and ceilings, protected by an aluminium extrusion. In this form, it represents an energy-efficient and tidy means of lighting spaces and highlighting design features.

In this way, lighting-applicable aluminium extrusions are suitable for a huge range of environments and positionings across both commercial and domestic environments.

How are these extrusions and fixtures installed?

With regards to LED strip lighting, housing extrusions can be installed easily, by simply screwing into surfaces.

For more discreet fitment, the extrusions can be sunk into surfaces, providing a cleaner finish and possibly more direct lighting, depending on the lighting chosen.

In some cases, because of aluminium’s naturally low weight, small housing extrusions can be simply adhered to the desired surface, presenting a yet more practical option.


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