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We are a leading UK aluminium extrusion supplier. Based in the West Midlands, at Orgbar, we supply extruded aluminium to a wide variety of clients. Get a quote today to receive our premier quality aluminium extrusion service
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Custom Aluminium Extrusion Supply Services

At Orgbar, our bespoke extrusion design and manufacturing processes provide a flexible range of opportunities for adapting product shapes. Moreover, we can build your extrusion to incorporate screw ports, hinges, heat sink fins, PCB slots and various other features. For each part, we aim to use the fewest amount of components, enabling customers to cut costs and to simplify their part assembly.

Why choose aluminium extrusions?

Attractive properties

Aluminium has a diverse blend of attractive features, making aluminium extrusions ideal solution for many applications. These qualities include low weight, high strength, superior malleability, convenient machining, excellent corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. Choose from a variety of different t slot aluminium extrusions.

Long Product life

The strength and corrosion resistance qualities enable aluminium-based products to lead long lives. Furthermore, aluminium products are more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. It is a well-known fact that 75% of all aluminium produced is still in use, and can be recycled over and over again while maintaining its unique properties.

Range of Alloys and tempers

We supply aluminium extrusions that come in a wide variety of alloys and tempers. Additionally, we can tailor our extrusion parts to align it to your specific needs. The 6000 series is the most widely used alloy for aluminium extrusion.

Aluminium extrusion services

Nationwide Delivery of Aluminium

Here at Orgbar, we deliver aluminium extrusions, of all lengths and alloys, throughout the whole of the UK. Do you want a quote for a delivery in the UK? Get in touch!

Order a Little, or a Lot

At Orgbar, we deliver a flexible range of batches. Whether you want to order a small number of aluminium extrusions, or you want to quote massive tonnes of aluminium, we have you covered.

Choose Your Aluminium Finish

Want to choose the surface finish on your part? No worries. At Orgbar, through the use of surface treatment, we can tailor the finish of your aluminium extrusion, so that it suits your needs. Whether you want a powder-coated, anodised or polished finish, we are ready to deliver.

Utilise our Aluminium Stocking Facility

Do you need somewhere to stock your aluminium extrusions? No problem. At Orgbar, we offer a stocking facility that enables swift and on-time deliveries. Get in touch with our team to discuss the stocking volumes for your business.

Making your parts could not be simpler

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If you have designs and would like to receive an extrusion quote you can submit your designs to us and we can provide you with a quote within a few hours.

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If you would like to speak online with a technical advisor about aluminium extrusion. You can do so here.

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