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Orgbar delivers high-end finished extrusions for leading home entertainment company

STB Brackets STB Brackets STB Brackets

Through its work with STB Brackets, Orgbar demonstrates how it provides superior machining and finishing solutions for high-end television component manufacturers including aluminium poles and brackets.

The challenge

We were approached, independently of STB Brackets, by a UK extruder who was unable to meet the machining demands and finishing requirements of a leading home entertainment component manufacturer.

Whilst the extrusion and general machining was reasonably straight-forward, the challenge with the parts STB needed for their customer, lay in the delivery of the surface finish. A high-end home entertainment product requires a highly polished and brightened finish, with no marks.

Our approach

Orgbar’s unique approach to working with a number of preferred extrusion and anodising partners allowed us to test and re-test the very best sub-contract polishers and anodisers in the business until we were confident we had found the best solution.

No other in-house team would have been able to have tested this concept so extensively.


This work has been incredibly lucrative for Orgbar. We now have 10 dies for this customer alone and are now seen as a UK expert in finishing products in this very exacting market.


"Orgbar continue to provide excellent manufactured products and offer services aligned perfectly to our requirements. They are able to dovetail into our fluid sales requirement whilst consistently delivering to schedule."
- Gavin Sykes, managing director, STB Brackets

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