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Machining Your Aluminium Extrusion

Machining Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminium Extrusion is extremely adaptable to fabrication and machining processes, and is one of our specialities. We are aware that speed is of the essence these days, and so we strive to support our customers with fast turnaround times whilst maintaining an excellent service and continued quality under our ISO 9001certification.

We have an extensive and flexible machining capacity at our machining centres, and can machine anything from the smallest of sections to the largest of aluminium extrusions.

Machining a Range of Parts

For our customers we can machine the simplest of parts (simple holes and slots) through to complex parts, which include layering, slots, pockets, profiling, holes, face milling and more. If required, we also have the equipment to supply your parts with threaded inserts.

About 70% of our work comes from supplying extrusion, to then cutting to length and machining the holes, slots, pockets or profiling, before the parts get anodised or powder coated.

Our CNC machines have overlapping capacity, which can run on a 24 hour shift pattern, thus giving us the flexibility to run small or large batch quantities.

Orgbar can also machine parts from aluminium flat bar to provide trims or end caps. We also machine from solid aluminium if aluminium extrusion is not suitable for the part.

At the moment our maximum machining capacities are up to 4m in length, but this depends on where your fabrication is required in the part.

Our expertise and attitude

Our flexible, friendly attitude and ability to work closely with our customers, as well as our confidence to meet the most exacting standards on both small and large scale contracts has helped us go from strength to strength.