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Cutting Extruded Aluminium for Your Needs

Aluminium cutting

As extruded aluminium is delivered in longer lengths (normally anything between 3 and 6 metres), it almost always needs cutting before processing it further. The length it’s delivered to us in will depend on what the finished part length will be.

Orgbar Aluminium has a range of saws that enables us to cut extruded aluminium to the required length, whether it needs to be straight (from 10mm to 4 metres) or mitre cut (between 25 degrees to 90 degrees), with a cutting tolerance as agreed by you.

The Best Tools for the Job

Because we use specialist blades suitable for extruded aluminium, parts can be cut cleanly enough to suit your needs – whether the part is to be fabricated or if its being delivered to the customer just cut to length.

Our newly purchased double-headed saw spends much of its time mitre cutting reasonably large aluminium canopy sections which is then used in the commercial refrigeration industry, but it can also be particularly useful in door, window and picture frame products along with an automatic cleat cutting facility.

One of our other saws is used to cut fine radiator tube that can easily get crushed if the correct blade is not used. It’s also used to feed our CNC machines with parts that need milling, drilling, sec-tion cut-outs or maybe just profiling.

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