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Orgbar Aluminium

Other Industries


We supply to any industry that uses aluminium. Some examples include:

Signage – We helped design and supply 2 extrusions that are used in petrol forecourt signage. These extrusions get cut to length, machined, and powder coated white.

Home Entertainment Accessories – we supply several aluminium extrusions that form stands and clamps for high quality home entertainment systems. These parts are cut to length, machined, and then polished and chemically brightened to give a blemish free product.

Security Systems – we supply a bracket which is machined from a solid block of aluminium that is used in mounting CCTV cameras.

Sports Surfaces – We supply nylon fixing wedges that are used to hold synthetic sports surfaces in place whilst being fitted.

Contract Furniture/Seating – We produce legs and feet for office tables and chairs, these parts are machined from solids and then polished and anodised.

Marine – We produce a range of components that make hinges and fixings for the portholes on luxury yachts, the smallest part is only 10mm in length (6 different aluminium parts make up the full fitting) and these get supplied black anodised. We also machine very large heatsinks that are used in the power plant on yachts and ships.

Transport – We have machined luggage racks for trains along with parts for the coupling system. Internal rails for fitting out vans and seating in aeroplanes.

Lighting – We have supplied and machined various parts for the commercial lighting industry.

Locks – We also supply case assembles, from 2 aluminium extrusions used for locks in locations such as sports stadiums.