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Orgbar Aluminium

Ink Jet Printers, Electronics, and Electronic Test Systems

Inkjet part

We supply an aluminium extrusion to a company that manufacture a range of industrial inkjet printers (Bar Coding Machines). These coders are specifically designed for industrial use in sectors such as food, beverage, automotive, construction, medical devices, pharmaceutical, electronics, and chemical.

We cut this extrusion to length, followed my machining several holes in the top, and then get it clear anodised. We also supply them with various parts that we machine from solid aluminium, including mounting rails, cover plates, and cartridge clamps which then get anodised black or natural.

We have for many years supplied an aluminium casing for a motor control unit that is used on golf trolleys. Again this comes to us in 4 metre lengths so we cut it to 100 mm, punch holes in various places and black anodise it. We also supply this part with a small heatsink.

Entrance control

Also for the golf industry we supply a machined delrin sensor plate for a golf simulator that is used extensively in the custom fitting of golf clubs. The sensor measures club head and ball data which is of upmost importance when fitting golf clubs.

More recently we have started supplying eight different aluminium extrusions that are pre-anodised natural to a company that manufacture a range of test equipment, from simple test boxes used by sub contract manufacturers to stand alone high specification test racks and systems used in the aerospace and defence industries. These extrusions are used to build the cabinets that house the electronics.