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Entrance Control & Fire Protection

Entrance control

We have supplied various aluminium extrusions for Entrance security solutions that give control over the movement of individuals to, from, and around a site.

Airport Security gates assist moving airline passengers quickly through pre-security to the boarding gate whilst maintaining high levels of security, and also Speed Gates which are customisable entrance security for public and commercial buildings.

Here we helped design what we call a clip fit; this was to enable easy access to the electronics inside the gate for fitting and repair. This clip fit had to be perfect as it runs along the floor line. There was initial concern that it didn’t come unclipped if kicked, (which it didn’t). These parts were then supplied with either a black anodised finish or with a brushed stainless steel effect.

On this occasion we took our customer to an extrusion plant to show them the process and an anodising plant to see how the anodising process is done.

Entrance control

We also supply a very small extrusion that is used in the frame of a fire and smoke curtain. These are installed in large atriums in Retail Shops and Museums to Domestic Houses and Commercial Offices.

This aluminium goes in an extensive range of fire and smoke curtains to work with every building and application to provide designers with bespoke solutions for every fire protection problem.

Here we just supply lengths of aluminium extrusion, mill finished and they cut it to length to suit each individual curtain.