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Orgbar Aluminium

Providing affordable UK-based extrusion at the right price with KatKabin

Affordable UK-based extrusion

One of our more unusual assignments is providing black powder coated aluminium extrusions for KatKabin’s cat bed enclosures.

Paul Ferguson, Managing Director of KatKabin says:

"Orgbar was our great find of last year". A new extrusion supplier was required after I purchased Katkabin with a vision of sourcing all our components in Britain in line with our membership of MADE IN BRITAIN."

"Orgbar helped me through the process of transitioning from a predominantly Chinese supply chain with strong communication and expertise – especially when advising and manufacturing the necessary required tooling to form the extrusions we need."

"I am always very pleased with the product supplied and the courteous first class service received."

Aluminium can be used in a variety of commercial and consumer products to add strength, flexible or a cool finish. Talk to us today about your next design project.